Did Kurt Cobain Fake His Death and Become Rivers Cuomo of Weezer?

As with any major celebrity death, the suicide of Kurt Cobain led to many conspiracy theories claiming that things weren’t what they appeared to be. Although many of these theories assume foul play and point a finger at Courtney Love, claiming that he was really murdered, some more obscure theories assert that Kurt Cobain didn’t die at all. Rather, he was looking for a change as he was unhappy with the direction things were going with Nirvana.

One variation of the “Kurt Cobain is still alive” conspiracy theory is that he actually changed his identity and became Rivers Cuomo of the band Weezer. Believers of this theory point to a surprising amount of facial similarities between Rivers Cuomo and Kurt Cobain. They also point to Rivers’ obsession with Nirvana, and particularly in Kurt’s writing and song structure, which he’s known to have broken down and analyzed at great length. Another point that they bring up is that although Weezer formed while Nirvana was still around, their tour dates never overlapped, meaning that perhaps Cobain was already leading a double life.

Do these facts add up? Find out in this video: Conspiracy Theory: Is Kurt Cobain Really Rivers Cuomo?

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